We at TriDiligence leverage and harness Technology solutions and Digital strategies to amplify social impact and business value through innovative and customized technology products, establishing conducive ecosystems and global footprints, and connecting stakeholders.

Our Technology & Digital Strategy team follows the best practices and methodologies while developing technology applications, website solutions and digital outreach strategies for our clients.

Our Technology, Innovation and Digital team offers following specialized solutions:

  • Customized Web Application Development: When standard solutions don’t address specific challenges, we help our clients with customized web applications and solutions.
  • Mobile Application Development: We create customized mobile applications that run on any mobile platform – Android and iOS, helping our clients run these solutions from their mobile devices on the move.
  • Social Governance Applications: These customized technology solutions and applications help Nonprofit Organizations implement effective governance and robust processes – Project & Program management; Resource management, Grant & Financial Management, Reporting, Impact Assessment etc. In addition, we help address various social challenges via innovative applications like – Games, Voluntary Management Systems, Educational Learning Applications and Social Enterprise Solutions.

Our flagship ‘Social Governance Tool is an integrated Management Information System solution that helps Donors and NGOs with several specialized modules for Program Management, Compliance Management,  Audit & Due Diligence, Financial & Technical Reporting, Management Reporting and Data Analysis.

  • Website Design, Development and Digital Marketing – We offer niche website design & development solutions, and digital strategies to help SMEs and Social Organizations have the desired global outreach, footprint, and engage with the right stakeholders to achieve the desired recognition, impact and scale. Our web development experts create engaging websites, which are designed with organizations, users and search engines in mind and our digital marketing solutions showcase our clients’ work to the right audience to amplify value and impact.