Technology & Digital Advisory

“Digital Transformation isn’t a waste of money, its a necessary cost of change.”
-Edward Humphrey


We are professional Business Coaches.

We at TriDiligence leverage and harness Technology solutions and Digital strategies to amplify social impact and business value through innovative and customized technology products, establishing conducive ecosystems and global footprints, and connecting stakeholders.

Our Technology & Digital Strategy team follows the best practices and methodologies while developing technology applications, website solutions and digital outreach strategies for our clients.

Why Choose Us

Our Technology, Innovation and Digital team offers following specialized solutions:

01. Customized Web Application Development

When standard solutions don’t address specific challenges, we help our clients with customized web applications and solutions.

02. Mobile Application Development

We create customized mobile applications that run on any mobile platform – Android and iOS, helping our clients run these solutions from their mobile devices on the move.

03. Digital Marketing

We offer digital strategies to help SMEs and Social Organizations have the desired global outreach, footprint, and engage with the right stakeholders to achieve the desired recognition, impact and scale.

04. Software Development

We create customized management solutions for school, hospitals and hotels.

What we offer

Scope Our Services

Web Development

Whether you want to develop a new website or need a makeover for an existing one, our stalwart folks will present you with out-of-the-box ideas. From designing websites to engineering them, from consultancy to data analytics, you will be assured with excellent services

Mobile Application Development

We believe in pocket friendly, high quality and user friendly applications, so that it can meet the client requirement. We use the latest tools available in the market and provide clients with the updated technology.

Digital Marketing

If you want to promote your business online, we provide one-stop solution. SEO, PPC, SMO and SMM.

Software Development

We provide customized solutions for management of school, hospitals and hotels. Which makes management easier.

Video Marketing

Tridiligence wishes to make you win this challenge. Our expert veterans will be by your side at every step, marketing videos worth watching, instead of skipping!