Cyber Security

A recent Gartner report states that these security and risk management initiatives are important for organizations to focus on, to drive business- value and reduce risk for the business.

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Risk is inherent in the pursuit of any organizations objectives. Cyber risk is inherent in digital products, services and supporting processes. Not acting on cyber risk’s is a BAD business strategy!

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Virtual CISO

Our Virtual CISO program is designed to help you with rapid augmentation of security skills, thereby helping achieve your business objectives. Our team of advisors has years of experience in helping organizations bridge the gap between “to be secure” state and “current posture”.

Cybersage shall help you in developing a security centric culture which fosters innovation keeping interests of customers, employees and investors in mind.

Design, operate and sustain

Assess, identify gaps, design roadmap and implement solutions to achieve cyber resilience and compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Program management

Get access to certified / trained professionals to help execute key implementation activities. Retain talent for short term or long term as per requirements.

Zero-regret purchase advisory (including Proof of Concept support)

Achieve results within given budgets and resources. Explore alternatives to find technically viable solutions which help address business requirements.

  • Risk-based vulnerability management
  • Endpoint protection
    Cloud native security management
  • Cloud security assessment
  • Phishing and business email compromise
  • Privacy solutions
  • Workforce cyber needs assessment
  • Automating third party cyber risk assessments
  • Cyber crisis management plan simulation

TriDiligence will assist you in responding to this constant and significant Digital Threat!

At TriDiligence, we understand that cyber threats are difficult to manage unless both tactics and strategy are aligned. We help organizations of all sizes respond to the forever changing threat landscape, by ensuring that security strategy, risk and governance are continuously evaluated and aligned with business requirements and business environment.

01. Advisory services

Start with gaining visibility on risks and develop a mature security program over time.

02. Virtual CISO

Engage a trusted advisor who will help you plan, implement, monitor and measure your security initiatives.

03. Training

Take a leap forward and advance your cybersecurity knowledge. CyberSage will assure you gain all the knowledge and insights from industry practitioners with live instructor led training. We have specialized modules to cater to learning needs of various stakeholders, right from a board member to an analyst.

Advisory Service

Cyber threats can pose some serious challenges and potentially threaten the very existence of the organization. We help develop a balanced strategy and roadmap which brings in initiatives aligned to each stage of the organizations journey.

Advisory services: Start with gaining visibility on risks and develop a mature security program over time

  • Cyber risk assessment
  • Strategy and program design
  • Human centric security
  • Third-party cyber risk
  • Training needs assessment and custom training program design
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Development of policies, standards, processes and controls
  • Development of security organization and skills assessment
  • IT Risk assessment
  • Internal audit and management reporting
  • Security control optimization
  • Security solutions implementation and optimization

Compliance with leading standards and global frameworks: Implentation and audit services

  • ISO 27001, ISO22301, ISO 20000 implementation and audit readiness
  • Privacy impact assessment
  • RBI cybersecurity framework
  • NIST cybersecurity framework
  • SOC readiness assessment
  • PCI DSS compliance assessment

Other advisory services

  • M&A cyber assurance checklist
  • Cyber insurance pre-assessment

Training Services

Today, our clients demand certified professionals for most security roles and expect their security staff, consultants and advisors to benchmark their knowledge as per industry standards. CyberSage shall help you with your cybersecurity skill enhancement through various learning interventions targeted towards coaching and developing people to deal with digital transformation as well as disruption and risk brought in by technology.

For corporates/ businesses – partner with CyberSage to accelerate the cybersecurity skill transformation journey for your team.

  • Customized training content catering to learning needs of your organization
  • Instructor led boot-camps for preparation for leading certifications such as CISSP, CISA and CISM
  • Training on cloud security (fundamental / advanced)
  • Digital risk management
  • Privacy concepts and application to various industries
  • Understanding standards such as ISO 27001, ISO22301 and ISO 20000
  • Other emerging areas such as AI for cybersecurity etc.

Tridiligence works with academic and higher education institutions to support their cybersecurity content development as well as course creation requirements for cybersecurity, information security and privacy.

  • Design programs to suit requirements at the undergraduate and graduate level
  • Design programs to cater to specialized needs through short terms courses
  • Develop, operate and manage labs to train students
  • Enhance knowledge of the faculty/ teaching staff by equipping them with practical know-how about various tools, standards and developments related to technology adoption