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We believe in pocket friendly, high quality and user friendly applications, so that it can meet the client requirement. We use the latest tools available in the market and provide clients with the updated technology. We make sure that the user is being provided with the latest end to end cross platform services on the application for better interface and brand awareness.

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Android devices are used widely by many people. This makes it a primary serving platform. Android is an open source. From mobiles, tablets, smartwatches and smart tv, there is a high requirement to show the presence on the play store. The programming language of the developed android application and the API is Java. It is also possible to develop C, OOPS concept, XML, JSON and C++ applications using an android native development kit. At Tridiligence, we ensure that maximum features with maximum simplicity are employed to simplify the user process. This increases customer satisfaction and provides soaring results.


iOS is a closed source and one of the most advanced and exclusive device dependent platforms. Apple is the company that develops and distributes this system software. iOS is not only limited to mobile phones but desktops (iMac), smart watches (i-watch), laptops (MacBook) and Apple TV. Apple has come a long way with its innovations and exclusivity. Since there is an increasing demand for the iOS devices in the market, it has become important for a business to state it’s presence through the App Store to capture the market. The basic technology used by iOS integrated development environment for the devices is Xcode. It is the graphical interface used to code the apps along with the apple’s swift code and Objective C language. It is highly compatible with editing and code compilation, customization for different layouts, developing UI’s and many more.We provide optimum solutions concerning iOS platforms that ensure technical perfection, exclusivity, and tick everything else on the checklist