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Legal Advisory

As part of our portfolio of integrated services, TriDiligence offers  its clients a broad spectrum of Legal Advisory services, combining knowledge and experience in different legal practice areas with our multi-disciplinary approach.

In today’s complex and rapidly changing regulatory and business environment, Not-for-Profit and Social organizations are more exposed than ever to strict compliance requirements and new challenges. Our understanding of the legal regulations and deep industry knowledge help our clients to stay competitive and compliant.

We not only advise clients in a particular legal area but we work together with our Tax Advisory teams to provide an integrated, comprehensive and practice-oriented services to our clients. At the same time, cooperation with other member firms and legal practitioners has help us be part of a world-classlegal advisory network.

Tax Advisory

We provide specialized Direct & Indirect Tax advisory pertinent to the Social Sector and Start-ups. Our tax advisors take a holistic view on tax accounting and reporting, policies, processes, procedures and internal controls. Through experience and research, our team helps you address the details of taxation & accounting, processes and internal controls over tax accounting and statutory reporting.