Computer Forensics & Fraud Investigation

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Fraud and Corruption Prevention and Control policy

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Computer Forensics & Fraud Investigation

Investigations are performed in relation to allegations of fraud, misconduct or other wrongdoings that involve an entity’s staff, fund or operations. A preventative element is included within the scope of the investigations we undertake. This includes increasing the Entity’s fraud prevention awareness, and to promote a zero tolerance culture in relation to inappropriate behaviour.

We also develop Fraud and Corruption Prevention and Control policy document, including the investigation procedures that are to be  followed, if fraud or corruption is  detected.

TriDiligence helps organizations combat any possible breaches such as corruption, fraud, dishonesty, harassment, sexual violence and abuse, unethical behavior and abuse of child labor.

The investigation function is guided by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) code of professional standards.