Our Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) team offers specialized services for Social Organizations, SMEs and Startups in the areas of Due Diligence, Audits, and Fraud & Forensic Investigations. Our GRC team also consist of experts from Legal and Taxation domains to address legal and compliance issues and provide specific advice and solutions.

Through these specialized services, we help our clients with governance, risk management and strategic assurance insights & solutions to help them navigate internal & regulatory complexities with confidence and achieve their goals and objectives.

Social Due Diligence

Bringing the best transaction advisory practices to the social sector, we offer specialized Pre-Grant and Social Due Diligence services to our clients. We partner our clients throughout the social investment evaluation process to ensure the right Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and Projects receive the crucial social impact funding.

Our Due Diligence team brings in an expert approach to the Social Sector by working with our clients to ensure that Social Investments (Grants) are made in the right Projects and partnerships are forged with the right Implementing Partners (NPOs). Due Diligence is THE vital step to identify and manage key risks relating to Compliance, Brand protection, and assure Grants are applied to produce maximum impact at scale delivering high Social Return on Investment. The phases of work to be completed are tailored to drive values and address the risks of our clients.

Senior members of our due diligence team bring with them years of expertise in Social Sector & CSR Advisory, Business Consulting, Transaction Advisory, Legal and Taxation Advisory. This diversity and experience allows our team to collaborate with our clients throughout the process, delivering valuable insight and feedback on issues that really matter.

Our experienced team assists our clients with a variety of due diligence services:

  • Assessing the accuracy and quality of Financial Statements, Project Accounting Structures and Compliance Management processes
  • Provide insights into Project Management Experience, Practices and Internal Control procedures
  • Assessment of existing Management, Directors / Members / Trustees
  • Assessment of Project and Financial Proposals / Grant Applications.

Internal Audit (IA)

TriDiligence adopts the Institute of Internal Auditors’ (IIA) definition of internal auditing:

“Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations. It helps an organization to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, (internal) control and governance processes.”

Internal audit includes review of Entities’ key processes, as well as information systems. Internal audits are performed by highly skilled and experienced TriDiligence associates to uncover the gaps and place controls to make processes robust and effective.

Our Internal Audit team also provides guidance towards improving risk management practices  at various levels within the organization.

We also support and coordinate the process of external statutory audits for clients. External audits include Statutory Financial Audits under various applicable statutes and regulations.

Fraud & Forensic Investigations

Investigations are performed in relation to allegations of fraud, misconduct or other wrongdoings that involve an entity’s staff, fund or operations. A preventative element is included within the scope of the investigations we undertake. This includes increasing the Entity’s fraud prevention awareness, and to promote a zero tolerance culture in relation to inappropriate behaviour.

We also develop Fraud and Corruption Prevention and Control policy document, including the investigation procedures that are to be  followed, if fraud or corruption is  detected.

TriDiligence helps organizations combat any possible breaches such as corruption, fraud, dishonesty, harassment, sexual violence and abuse, unethical behavior and abuse of child labor.

The investigation function is guided by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) code of professional standards.

Legal Advisory

As part of our portfolio of integrated services, TriDiligence offers  its clients a broad spectrum of Legal Advisory services, combining knowledge and experience in different legal practice areas with our multi-disciplinary approach.

In today’s complex and rapidly changing regulatory and business environment, Not-for-Profit and Social organizations are more exposed than ever to strict compliance requirements and new challenges. Our understanding of the legal regulations and deep industry knowledge help our clients to stay competitive and compliant.

We not only advise clients in a particular legal area but we work together with our Tax Advisory teams to provide an integrated, comprehensive and practice-oriented services to our clients. At the same time, cooperation with other member firms and legal practitioners has help us be part of a world-classlegal advisory network.

Tax Advisory

We provide specialized Direct & Indirect Tax advisory pertinent to the Social Sector and Start-ups. Our tax advisors take a holistic view on tax accounting and reporting, policies, processes, procedures and internal controls. Through experience and research, our team helps you address the details of taxation & accounting, processes and internal controls over tax accounting and statutory reporting.