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A Boutique Global Social & Business Advisory

TriDiligence is a specialized Social and Business Advisory firm bringing best practices, knowledge and expertise from a global team of professionals to serve the Social Sector, Small & Medium Businesses (SMEs) and Startups. We take an integrated approach to each client’s challenge – connecting strategy, governance and technology insights to create business value and positive social impact for all stakeholders.

We embrace the ‘Triple-Bottom-Line’ reporting doctrine to bring together PEOPLE, PROFITS & PLANET while crafting specialized solutions for the Society, thereby, making us ‘TriDiligence’.

Our Mission

Provide solutions that enable our society to achieve sustainable, scalable and high performance business, social and governance models.

Our Vision

To become globally trusted and intuitive Advisors for the new responsible, sustainable and impact driven world.

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Our Practice Areas

Governance-Risk-Compliance (GRC)

Our Governance, Risk & Compliance team offers specialized services for the Social Sector, SMEs and Startups in the areas of Due Diligence, Audits, Taxation, Legal, Fraud & Forensic Investigations.

Social Sector Advisory

Integrated management and compliance solutions for the Social Sector. We are focused on delivering tailored advisory support & consulting solutions to support Impact Investing and Program Governance to enable positive Social Impact and maximize Social Return on Investment.

Business Advisory

Strategic management consulting and compliance management solutions for Startups and SMEs to enable organizations to harness their full potential and scale to deliver high Business Value for all stakeholders.

Technology & Digital Advisory

Technology solutions and Digital strategies to amplify social impact and business value through innovative & customized technology products, establishing ecosystem & global footprints and connecting stakeholders.

Education & Capacity Development

Specialized training programs for the Nonprofit Sector and Anti-Fraud professionals.


Featured Work And Experience

Development of Governance Policies, Internal Controls and SOPs

Our senior advisor headed Development of  various Internal Controls, Governance Policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)  while working with various Startups, Nonprofits and a global Corporate Foundation.

Due Diligence and Transaction Advisory

Our senior advisors have undertaken numerous Due Diligence assignments covering some of the biggest Startups and Nonprofits to ensure Business and Social Investors make the right Investments and find the right Business & Social Implementation partners.

Technology Products and Digital Strategy

Based on extensive research and experience, our experienced  advisors and technology consultants have developed state of art technology applications, websites, and digital outreach strategies to enable startups and social projects reach the desired scale, global footprint and connect with the right stakeholders.Our flagship ‘Social Governance Tool’ is an integrated MIS Solution that helps Donors and NGOs with several specialized modules for Program Management, Compliance Management, Financial Management, Technical Reporting and Data Analysis.


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